As a guest links Trump's rhetoric with the rise in anti-Semitism, Fox News suddenly cuts to commercial

On April 27, there was a mass shooting in the Chabad synagogue in Powoy, CA synagogue near San Diego. NBC's Ben Collins and Andrew Blankstein subsequently reported that an open letter was posted on 8chan with the same name as the shooting suspect. The writer of that manifesto took credit for an unsolved arson in a mosque in San Diego; the alleged shooter is now being investigated for that arson, according to the San Diego County Sheriff.

Former assistant Secretary of State Joel Rubin appeared on Fox News to discuss the shooting. When asked why anti-Semitism is on the rise, Rubin began talking about Trump's rhetoric, before he was quickly cut off and Fox went to commercial.

The program had just come back from commercials -- the entire segment with Rubin is roughly two minutes long. None of it was mentioned when Fox came back from commercial.

Fox News is currently in an advertiser crisis -- and Fox executives like Lachlan Murdoch are arguing that “straight news” programs like this one are not pro-Trump propaganda like Fox opinion shows.

Update (4/28/19): On Twitter, Rubin downplayed being cut off.