Greta Van Susteren: Democrats Must Applaud Trump During Parts Of His Speech Or They Will Look Like They Don't Want America To Be Great Again

From the February 27 edition of MSNBC's For The Record with Greta Van Susteren

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN (HOST): For the record years ago I sat next to baseball great Frank Robinson at an Orioles game and he showed me much; that baseball is so much more than watching the ball and the swings. So, on the diamond there are things that are done to spook the opponent, like who is warming up, the conversation people between catcher and the pitcher, and so much more.  So occurred to me, President Trump’s address to Congress tomorrow night is a bit like that, while you may think the sole action is just the President speaking, there’ll be so much more going on in that political chamber that’s intended to spook political opponents so don’t be surprised if during President Trump’s speech he deliberately says certain things like “make America great again” because he knows all the Republicans will stand and applaud and what do the Democrats do? If they just sit there they look like they don’t want America to be great. That’ll be awful for them. That’s right. And so that plays right into Trump’s game plan for the night. Or how about if Trump says this; “bring the jobs back to America,” if the Democrats sit through that one, while the Republicans stand and clap, the Democrats will look like they don’t want jobs for fellow Americans. Oh brother right, the games go on, don’t they? Oh yes, a bit like that baseball diamond, so much going on and so many traps set.


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