GOP Strategist Blames Right-Wing Media For Trump's Rise: “We Appeal To Only Cranky, Old White Guys”

Alex Castellanos: National Review Is “Telling The Republican Party To Pull Its Ripcord Long After We've Hit The Ground”

From the January 24 edition of ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos:

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MARTHA RADDATZ (HOST): Alex, you wrote just months ago that Trump was a power-hungry “strongman” that the party should not give the reins to. Why is he suddenly the man the GOP should trust?

ALEX CASTELLANOS: Well, I wrote actually last August-- I mean, what Rich is saying in National Review is not news. I wrote “Trump is the strongman we don't need” August of last year, and since then, have worked to try and find alternatives. Guess what, we don't have any. And whose fault is that? I think a lot of the fault actually belongs to the conservative intellectual leadership of America that you see in this issue of National Review. With the conservative cause that animates the Republican Party, we don't appeal to young people, we don't appeal to millennials, we don't appeal to young women, we don't appeal to minorities. We appeal to only cranky old white guys like me who end up voting for Donald Trump.


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