George Will Slams Donald Trump's Attacks On Khizr Khan

Will: “Just When You Think American Politics Has Hit Rock Bottom, Mr. Trump Rises, Or Stoops, To The Challenge Of Saying There Is No Rock Bottom”

From the July 31 edition of Fox Broadcasting Co.'s Fox News Sunday:

CHRIS WALLACE (HOST): Trump has made these comments before, as specifically as Juan [Williams] said, back last summer, a year ago when he said that John McCain wasn't a war hero, it didn't hurt him particularly in the Republican primaries. Does it hurt him now we're in the general election? 

GEORGE WILL: The straw that broke the camel's back did not break the camel's back, it was the cumulative weight, the critical mass of straws, and the question is, will there be a critical mass of these things? Just when you think American politics has hit rock bottom, Mr. Trump rises, or stoops, to the challenge of saying there is no rock bottom to American politics, and certainly attacking gold star parents is one of these things. His adherence, has said from the first, from June in 2015 when he entered the race, he tells it like it is. It's never been clearer to me what the antecedent of the pronounce it is. Today the antecedent of the pronoun is flaws intimidated about this gold star couple that we saw, and then begins a minuet that we're now all familiar with. Journalists do their duty and they call the office of Mitch McConnell and they call the office of Paul Ryan and say “what do you think about this?” And they say, “well we disagree with this too, but he still ought to be president of the United States.” I really can hardly wait to hear what Mike Pence has to say about this when he's asked today or tomorrow, as surely he will be, what he thinks of these remarks. The good news is this. The point of campaigns is to give voters information on which to base their decision, and they're getting a lot of relevant information.


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