George Will Leaves The GOP Because Of Trump: “This Is Not My Party Anymore” 

From the June 26 edition of Fox Broadcasting Company's Fox News Sunday:

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CHRIS WALLACE (HOST): Before we get to Britain leaving the EU, George, I want to talk about you. You announced this week that you have left the Republican Party. Why? 

GEORGE WILL: I left it for the same reason I joined it in 1964 when I voted for Barry Goldwater. I joined it because I was a conservative. I leave for the same reason, that I'm a conservative. To give you a time line, shortly after Trump became the presumptive nominee, he had a summit meeting with Paul Ryan where they stressed their common principles and their vast shared ground, which is much more important than their differences. I thought that was puzzling doubly so because Paul Ryan still didn't endorse him. After Trump went after the Mexican judge from Northern Indiana, then Paul Ryan endorsed him. And I decided that, in fact, this is not my party anymore. I changed my registration to unaffiliated 23 days ago. I hardly made an announcement. I've just mentioned this in a meeting with the Federalist Society. So the long and the short of it is, as Ronald Reagan said when he changed his registration, I did not leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me. 

WALLACE: Now, not surprisingly, Donald Trump has tweeted his reaction to this news today. Let's put it up on the screen. He says you are overrated and that you lost your way a long time ago. Would you like to respond to Mr. Trump? 

WILL: He has an advantage on me, because he can say everything he knows about any subject in 140 characters and I can't.


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