George Will Claims Democrats Fight Voter ID Laws So They Can Rig Elections

Will: "It’s Hard To Think Of An Innocent Reason Why They Fight So Tremendously Over Voter ID Laws”

From the October 17 edition of Fox News’ Special Report with Brett Baier:

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GEORGE WILL: Well, when Mr. Trump talks about it being rigged, he sweeps all his grievances into one big puddle. He talks about the media. He talked about the primaries. He talked about the polls. He talked about the Republican National Committee. I think when most Americans hear that an election is rigged, they think of government action to rig the election. And there Mr. Trump has a point if he would just make it more clearly. It is hard to think of an innocent reason why Democrats spend so much time, energy and money, scarce resources all, resisting attempts to purge the voter rolls, that is to remove people dead or otherwise have left the jurisdiction. It's hard to think of an innocent reason why they fight so tremendously against voter I.D. laws. They say, that burdens the exercise of a fundamental right. 

The Supreme Court has said that travel is a fundamental right. No one thinks showing an I.D. at the airport burdens that fundamental right. We know -- we don't surmise. We know that the 2010, '12 and '14 elections were rigged by the most intrusive and potentially punitive institution of the the federal government, the IRS. You can read all about it in Kim Strossel's  book “The Intimidation Game.” She's familiar to all Wall Street Journal readers and Fox viewers. So this is not a surmise. And I have talked to lawyers in a position to know they say it's still going on. That the the IRS is still intolerably delaying the granting of tax exempt status to conservative advocacy groups to skew the persuasion of this campaign. 


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