On Full Measure, Trump Entertains Idea Of “Banning Reporters From Certain Events” As President

Donald Trump: “A Lot Of People” And “A Lot Of Different Businesses” Have Banned Reporters

From the September 25 edition of Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s Full Measure:

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SHARYL ATTKISSON (HOST): Nearly every major news organization has remarked during the Obama administration years that this has been a record for obstruction and lack of transparency. But considering your rocky relationship with the press, do they have reason to be concerned that things will continue along that path or even get worse? Maybe reporters you don't agree with could get banned, things like that? 

DONALD TRUMP: Well, I think this: that the press has been very dishonest with me, to a large extent, not all of them, not you, by the way. But the press has been very, very dishonest and when I see it, I'm just amazed. At the same time, I will certainly be open to dealing with the press and reporters. But the level of -- 

ATTKISSON: Do you see yourself banning, banning reporters from certain events and things like that? 

TRUMP: No, I don't see that, but a lot of people have done it, and a lot of people, a lot of different businesses have done it. The press has been very, very dishonest. I mean, even recently when I said yesterday, the bombing, and she said, the bombing, and they criticized my use of the word bombing, but not hers and they cut it out, and, I mean, many other things, even over the last couple of days. So, the relationship with the press is, it's not a question of good, all I want is honesty. And if there's something wrong or something bad, I can handle that, but when you do something great, and they try to make it as negative as possible, constantly, it's really not a fair situation. 



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