Fox's Varney Lets Trump Adviser Falsely Claim The U.S. “Doesn't Have A Vetting Process” For Syrian Refugees

Walid Phares Hints At Religious Profiling: “The [Obama] Administration Has To Admit That There Is An Ideology” In Islam That Promotes Violence

From the March 22 edition of Fox Business Varney & Co. (emphasis added):

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): Are there terror cells -- I mean, obviously there are terror cells in Europe like the one that was activated. Are there terror cells here in America like that one over there?

WALID PHARES: Of course, we saw in San Bernardino, we saw before that in Boston, we saw the attack in Chattanooga, and the 45 previous unsuccessful attacks. These are evidence that there is a network of cells,and there are also lone cells just not lone wolfs. But a group of three, four persons who plan on their own then they will be allegiance to ISIS, it is their choice but, yes, we do have them here.

VARNEY: Now you are a newly appointed Donald Trump foreign policy adviser. What would you advise him at this point bearing in mind -- in the past, and this morning -- Donald Trump has said, he has called for, a temporary ban on Muslim immigration coming into America?

PHARES: As adviser, at this point in time, the campaign doesn't want us actually to enter the fray of discussing the policies. Because the policies are yet to be set up. But, I could say one thing, it's very clear, that we need to find a way to identify the jihadists. This goes along with what Mr. Trump has said, and goes along with what I have researched for the last 25 years. The key here that the Europeans are struggling for, and our administration, and our Congress are struggling for is: how do we do to identify these jihadists? Well [it's] simple, you have to understand their ideology, and the administration has to admit that there is an ideology. This is the key to everything else.

VARNEY: Walid, would you hold on for one second? I'm going to roll a sound bite of Donald Trump appearing on Fox earlier this morning talking about the border. Roll tape:


DONALD TRUMP: President Obama has taken in thousands of people, distributing all over the United States. We don't even know how many, and nobody even knows where they're going. And these are people that have no documentation, they have no -- they have no anything. Nobody knows anything about many of the people that we're bringing into our country. And it is going to lead to, you know, just catastrophic problems.


VARNEY: Okay, you heard him there, Walid, any comment after that?

PHARES: Well, of course, there are two key problems here and they're very clear. Number one is the vetting process. The U.S. administration doesn't have a vetting process, it was admitted by key agencies here because we don't -- we do not recognize that there's an ideology. And, if you don't do it, then there is no vetting process. But, more important is the fact -- why are these refugees actually leaving Syria? Because of the failure of our foreign policy in Syria. We should have a free area inside Syria for those millions of refugees to be settled in their own home.

VARNEY: Briefly I want to give our viewers some understanding of the enormity of what has just happened. In my opinion, in Europe, this will give rise to a further rise in the nationalist parties throughout Europe. Number two, I think it makes it more likely that Britain leaves the European Union. And number three, I think it's the end of Europe's policy of accepting mass migration of Muslims into the continent. And you say what?

PHARES: I say you may be right on all of these points, but most importantly, and this is going to be a European problem, the rise of the far right extremists groups who are going to be saying, “we told you so.” And then, now you see this jihadi activity. Either the Europeans [are] going to have to change quickly their policy, or there's going to be more of this, unfortunately.


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