Fox's Tantaros: Hillary Clinton Hopes Donald Trump Will Attack Her At Debate So “She Can Cry And Be The Victim”

Andrea Tantaros: She Hopes Trump Insults Her “So She Can Cry And Be The Victim”

From the December 15 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY (HOST): Here's the thing. If [Donald Trump] goes after Hillary Clinton, which he has to, maybe women are going to go “that's too much.” There's a lot of that subtext as the bully and this that and the other.


JESSICA ERLICH: I'm not concerned. I think Hillary can take take of herself. I think women want to see someone who's strong, who is educated, who has the ability to get out there.

O'REILLY: Well then why isn't she polling better then? She's not polling well among anybody right now.

ERLICH: She is still winning in a head-to-head with Trump in national polls.

O'REILLY: Not by much.

ANDREA TANTAROS: She is going to cry though. She's going to cry, she's going to hope Trump goes out from the podium, insults her so she can cry and be the victim. 


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