Fox's Tammy Bruce: “President Macron was behaving a little bit like a schoolboy” “chasing after” President Trump

Bruce: “This, of course, reinforces the fact that, yes, strength matters”

From the July 14 edition of Fox Business Network's Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): I say the president made a friend in Emmanuel Macron, I say he looks real good on the world stage. You agree with that?

TAMMY BRUCE: I do. President Macron was behaving a little bit like a schoolboy, if I may say --


BRUCE: In chasing after the president. You saw that also at the G-20. In a couple of instances, he moved way past groups in order, specifically, to stand next to President Trump. And this, of course, reinforces the fact that, yes, strength matters. A man who knows how to do business matters, because the concerns for Macron and Trump are the same really, ultimately, the economy. And, as we heard from Liz's notes, of course, about confidence. This should be a concern for President Trump. We don't see Congress moving in a way that President Trump wants them to move, and so the confidence there is waning. 

But I think that this is also why certain other stories have come up, because everyone knows -- especially the media -- how well the president does on the foreign stage. This was another example, and thank God because of the nature of the condition of the world and what this president's going to have to do in the next four years.


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