Fox’s Stirewalt Praises Trump For “Almost” Saying He Was Sorry

Chris Stirewalt: “That Was A Signal Moment, And If He Keeps That Up He Can Improve These Dire Polls”

From the August 18 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File

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MARTHA MACCALLUM (GUEST HOST): What we've heard from [Trump] over the past few days before this campaign shake-up Chris, was largely 'I'm going to let Trump be Trump.' Right? 'I'm going to be myself.' It was a little bit of sort of an arrogance to that message. I'm going out the way I came in, and this is who I am. But tonight -- and Michael Goodwin wrote an interesting editorial about this in the Post today, basically saying, look, if that's what you're going to do and you're going to forget all those people who came out, who say they never voted in their lives and showed up to see you, in Manchester, Iowa and everywhere else. That's not a very good plan. What do you think? 

CHRIS STIREWALT: Look I think the most important thing he did in the speech tonight was to use the word regret. One of the things that got him off on the wrong footing with a lot of voters was when he said he never asked for forgiveness in his life, except for when he drank a little wine and ate the little cracker. The deal for him was expressing regret for hurting people's feelings. He didn't say he was wrong, he just said that he was sorry -- almost said that he was sorry. That's important for politicians to do. It's especially important for a politician who's widely perceived as being too arrogant. So that was a signal moment, and if he keeps that up he can improve these dire polls that he's swimming under. 


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