Fox's Stephen Hayes Blasts Trump's False Claim That Thousands Of Muslims Celebrated 9/11

Hayes: “The Reason Donald Trump Is Fact Checked ... Is Because He Says Things That Are Factually Not True”

From the November 23 edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier:

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STEPHEN HAYES: I think people are looking for moral clarity and they're looking for somebody who is not sort of living their life or having these arguments in the nuances. And if that describes anybody, it describes Donald Trump. Unfortunately I think in situations like this, you know, he's fact checked for a reason. He's fact checked because he got the facts wrong. There were not, in fact, thousands and thousands of people in Jersey City cheering. And the The Washington Post article that he tweeted out doesn't actually support that contention. It's a different thing altogether. Now that doesn't mean that there weren't maybe these tailgate parties, although the author of the The Washington Post story at the time has started to walk that back a little bit. But, the reason Donald Trump is fact checked as often as he is, is because he says things that are factually not true. That's part of the problem. 


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