Fox's Shepard Smith Calls Out Trump's Attempt To Walk Back His “Deportation Force” Immigration Policy

Smith: Trump's New Comments Are “A Complete Contrast To Everything We've Heard From The Billionaire To This Point”

From the August 24 edition of Fox News' Shepard Smith Reporting:

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SHEPARD SMITH (HOST): For Donald Trump, an immigration re-evaluation is underway as Fox reports this hour, and it's causing waves among supporters and critics. Donald Trump hold Hannity last night he's open to letting some illegal immigrants stay in the United States, a bit of a softening of his position, as he puts it.


So do what Bush and Obama have been doing. That must have been something for his supporters to hear. Trump's comments coming after he met with his Hispanic advisory panel over the weekend. They're also a complete contrast to everything we've heard from the billionaire to this point. From day one of Donald Trump's campaign, he has said over, and over again that he would deport millions and millions of undocumented immigrants, round them up and toss them out.


A deportation force. It won’t be nice. It won’t be easy, but it must be done. Gotta round them up and get them out. He has said it from day one of his campaign, remember?


Well on Monday, Donald Trump claimed he was certainly not flip-flopping on immigration, but he does appear to be attempting to have it both ways. A hard line for the extremes of his supporters, something more humane and arguably more constitutional for more moderate voters.


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