Fox's Neil Cavuto dismisses the illegality of plan to send migrants to sanctuary cities because Trump is “at wits end”

Cavuto: “I'm not endorsing his idea and it is illegal, but he's really at wits end”

From the April 12 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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NEIL CAVUTO (ANCHOR): To what John touched on at the beginning there, and this idea that the president wants to call the Democrats out on helping him deal with this crisis at the border. So Vijay Johnson, the former Homeland Security secretary under Barack Obama, admitted on this count, this president is right. Democratic strategist, Antjuan Seawright, GOP strategist Holly Turner. Holly, the president is arguing here, this was his idea. This wasn't something that an aide tossed around and then they dismissed, and apparently he's still actively considering it. If he still is actively considering it and it would be deemed illegal to do, where is this going? 

HOLLY TURNER (GOP STRATEGIST): Well, look, the president is not going to implement something that is blatantly illegal. I think they are exploring all of the -- 


TURNER: No come on Antjuan, let me talk now. The president is exploring different solutions. He's a problem solver. He wants to solve this problem. I don't see why the Democrats are upset about this. Seems like a win-win to me. Sanctuary cities get what they want, illegal aliens occupying their city borders and the rest of the country gets what they want, which is these people are not released into their communities. So I don't really understand what the big problem is. Let the president go through the legal examination and see if it's something that's going to work out for the country. But all and all, seems like a good solution to me. 

CAVUTO: Antjuan? 

TURNER: Holly, so you're saying you're OK with doing something that Democrats and Republicans agree that's illegal? 

CAVUTO: Technically so are sanctuary cities. They're technically illegal, but go ahead. 

SEABRIGHT: Cavuto, what this is, is simply --

CAVUTO: Neil is fine. 

SEAWRIGHT: -- a red-meat throw towards Trump's base because he knew it would form some type of outrage, anger, frustration, the same things that Trump thrives off of every single day, and it's going to throw the news cycle all about this.

CAVUTO: But Antjuan he can't win or lose no matter what he does. Now if you look at -- you were the first one to acknowledge we've got some issues at the border to address. You never really [UNINTELLIGIBLE] were crisis. Would you at least acknowledge we're at the point where the president is raising this as a possible solution in the meantime because Democrats are not helping him out with anything?

SEAWRIGHT: But Neil, that's not how you get to solutions in Washington D.C. You do it by coming together, Democrats and Republicans working out a bipartisan solution that 60 percent of the American people want. 

CAVUTO: But Antjuan, there's no Democratic support for a wall. It's fine. I get it. 

SEAWRIGHT: That's not true. 

CAVUTO: But then you then move on to say all right, when it comes to these crowded facilities, you wanted to put -- and Democrats got to agree to a cap on that. So the president is sort of locked in this position; these places are overflowing. It gets to the point where a couple of weekends ago, many had to be let out of a couple of the facilities with the understanding being we would get a better procedure going forward. We don't have one. No one is finding one. What do you do? 

SEAWRIGHT: What you and I both know is that when the president really wants something, he will go to his caucus and get it done. So he can instruct his caucus, the legislative branch, to work with House Democrats to come up with a solution that he will sign into law, that he will deal with immigration in a real way -- 

CAVUTO: But you didn't answer my question. On this issue Antjuan, are you willing to say, all right, maybe the president just -- I'm not endorsing his idea and it is illegal, but that he's really at wits end. I have got to do something. I've got 100,000 such crossings to deal with. And it's out of control and no one's helping me. 


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