Fox's Neil Cavuto Allows Florida AG To Praise Trump Without Disclosing Her Controversial Past With Trump University

Fox News' Neil Cavuto allowed Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to praise Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump without disclosing her controversial past with Trump which includes a $25,000 contribution from Trump to support Bondi's re-election and Bondi refusing to investigate Trump University for fraud.

On the March 17 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto, host Neil Cavuto interviewed Bondi about her recent endorsement of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. Bondi, who once touted her relationship with Fox News in a pitch to win votes, appeared with Cavuto to explain why she endorsed Donald Trump for president.

During the interview, Cavuto failed to question Bondi on her decision in 2013 to “declin[e] to prosecute one of Trump's businesses, Trump University, which faces fraud charges in New York.” 

In March, The Miami Herald reported that as Bondi “was preparing for a re-election bid” in the fall of 2013, Trump University “had just been sued by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.” In September 2013, “the Donald J. Trump Foundation ... contributed $25,000 to And Justice For All, a political committee controlled by Bondi.”

A spokesperson for Bondi claims the decision to not open an investigation “didn't involve Bondi directly” and the Trump campaign has yet to respond to questions regarding this matter. Her endorsement made her “the first big-name Republican official in the state” to endorse Trump.