Fox's Megyn Kelly Responds To Trump Pulling Out Of Fox Debate: “He Doesn't Get To Control The Media”

Trump “Made His Position Clear About Me ... Roger Ailes Made His Position Clear Too”

From the January 26 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): And just to remove the doubt, at least for now, Mr. Trump came out with his campaign statement just moments ago and says that he will not be attending.


BRIT HUME: I think this is partly about you that's pretty clear. Trump has never gotten over that first question you asked him, which I know, to me at least and to any other reasonable journalist is a completely fair and relevant question, but he never seems to have been able to get past that. And I think it's partly about the news cycle. This is all anybody's talking about tonight.


KELLY: What's interesting is here is Trump is not used to not controlling things as the chief executive of a large organization. But the truth is, he doesn't get to control the media, and while he's made his position clear about me after that first debate. Roger Ailes made his position clear too. And you know when Trump started it up again this past Saturday and resumed it again and again and again,  he was told repeatedly our debate team is settled and then came that Instagram video he put out today, followed by the company's statements.

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