Fox's Megyn Kelly Has Already Forgotten Trump's Sexist, Misogynistic Attacks Against Her

DNC Chairwoman Reminds Kelly That Trump's Misogyny Included Attacks “On The Debate Stage About You”

From the April 26 edition of Fox News' America's Election HQ

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): So this is shaping up, it's not a done deal yet on either side, but it is shaping up potentially to be a Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump general election. And Donald Trump believes very much that he is going to put certain blue states in play that have never been in play for Republicans, including New York, potentially Michigan and others. What say you? 

DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: I'd say Donald Trump continues to exist in his fantasy world, and unfortunately the fantasy that he has constructed is one that is incredibly extreme, misogynistic and bigoted. He's the most extreme candidate that we've seen in certainly modern times. And when he goes I think he'll find into a general election campaign, he will see that the overwhelming majority of Americans do not think that we should ban an entire religion from coming into this country, do not think that we should ship eleven million undocumented immigrants back to their countries, and don't think that all Mexican immigrants are rapists and drug dealers. So a very different environment.

KELLY: But he -- he didn't say all. But he may move on those issues once he secures the nomination, as we've seen. I don't know, but we've seen so many candidates do that.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Well he'll be exposed for the phony he is. The curtain was already pulled back last week by Paul Manafort when he revealed what their plan is. And you know, we are certainly, no matter which one of our incredibly fine candidates ultimately is our nominee, not going to let Donald Trump run from the extremism and misogyny that he has spewed over the course of the last year nor over the course of his entire professional career. 

KELLY: On the woman issue, you know that he has said, look, I made a lot of comments when I was an entertainer, when I was hosting a show and needed to be a provocateur. 

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Megyn, he made them on the debate stage about you. He made them on the radio following his debate performances about you. So this is way beyond that he was entertaining. While he was running for president, he has spewed hateful, misogynistic rhetoric that is unacceptable in any forum but certainly coming from a presidential candidate, and the policies are even worse. 


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