Fox’s Megyn Kelly: The Goal Of Upcoming Trump Interview Is An “Interesting, Compelling Exchange”

Kelly: “I Don’t Feel Any Need To Go In There And Try To Take Down Trump”

From the May 15 edition of Fox News’ MediaBuzz:

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HOWARD KURTZ (HOST): When you asked Donald Trump for the meeting in Trump Tower, you both said afterwards it cleared the air, it was like two diplomats trying to preserve a Mideast ceasefire. What was the meeting like?

MEGYN KELLY: I was nervous before I went over there that morning, I didn't know what to expect and I certainly woke up and thought this is an odd day and I don't know what's going to happen here. But as soon as I saw him and received a very gracious welcome from him I knew we would be fine. I knew that it was going to be that kind of a meeting and not a contentious adversarial one.

KURTZ: Once the interview was announced, there was this media chatter, Megyn’s got to wipe the floor with him. Megyn’s got to dismember him. What’d you make of that?

KELLY: I thought they were missing the point of what was going to happen. You know, Trump and I have already had very contentious exchanges and what I call the olympic level of questioning, you know, at those debates. I don't think anybody would accuse me of giving any politician a pass in my interviews. But this is a different setting and it's a different kind of thing. You know, I don't feel any need to go in there and try to take down Trump nor did I at those debates. That wasn't my goal at the debates, either. My goal here is to have an interesting, compelling exchange with him, and I did. And I think the audience is going to feel that way, too.

KURTZ: So when we see it on Tuesday you say interesting, compelling, was it contentious, was it awkward at times?

KELLY: Yes, it was. I would say overall it was cordial, but there were definitely some tense moments and some awkward moments and moments similar to what I just said. There were some moments where you could see where this conversation was going, there was no way around it and there we were eye to eye talking about some of the most awkward moments of this campaign.


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