Fox's Megyn Kelly And Howard Kurtz Express Amazement Over “Clear Imbalance” In Airtime Given To Trump

But Fox News Has Also Given Trump An Overwhelming Majority Of Coverage Compared To Other Candidates

From the March 1 edition of Fox News' America's Election HQ:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): What Ted Cruz does not have going for him, Howie, is the media. Because you look at a lot of the media, they love Trump. And a lot of the media, they like Marco Rubio. There's not a whole lot in the media who seem to be pushing for Ted Cruz. And maybe that's a reflection of the fact that a lot of the folks in the Senate don't seem to love Ted Cruz. He says it because he's had sharp elbows there for his term there. But Ted Cruz, can he win? Can he somehow overtake Donald Trump without getting more people from the U.S. Senate to certain media on his side?

HOWARD KURTZ (GUEST):  Well, if you pull back the camera, Donald Trump is winning so much, I'm getting bored with winning. I mean, even if Cruz now has won his home state of Texas -- which is the minimum requirement -- and Oklahoma, I mean Donald Trump will ends up winning 8 or 9 of the 11 states on SuperTuesday. For anybody else, we would say that's incredible. Now Cruz has made this argument in recent days, and Marco Rubio as well, that the media has focused so much attention on Donald Trump. They love Donald Trump. They're rooting for Donald Trump. At least until the fall --

KELLY: But they do. If you look at the numbers even on the nightly newscast -- the time they devoted just in the past night -- last night to Donald Trump vs the other two, it was six minutes Trump, I think seven seconds, Rubio. I mean, the disparity was remarkable.

KURTZ: There's a clear imbalance. And we've all had banners awaiting Trump news conference, which shows how he can hijack the news cycle. But a lot of that attention has been negative. But because Trump rode so vociferously against the media, even negative attention helps him, because his fans say the media is just part of the establishment -- the political establishment. We like the fact that he pushes back, talks about for example loosening the libel law to make it easier to sue news organizations. So Senator Cruz, I guess, has a point and now he has a talking point in at least one state outside of his home state, but it's still an uphill battle and the establishment is apoplectic now about Trump.


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