Fox's Media Critic Bemoans Other Cable Networks Using On-Air Graphics To Call Out Trump's Lies

From the September 25 edition of Fox News' MediaBuzz:

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HOWARD KURTZ (HOST): The other two cable news networks are using a new weapon against Donald Trump, the chyron. Those are the banners you see at the bottom of the screen. They now use them for fact-checking and sometimes for snark. CNN may have been there first. There was this one: “Trump calls Obama founder of ISIS (he's not).”  And this one:  “Trump's son: father apologized to Khans (he hasn't).”  And this one: “Trump never said Japan should have nukes (he did.)”  MSNBC has gotten into the act with this chyron: after Trump acknowledged that President Obama was born in the U.S., “birther-in-chief reborn.”  And this one: “Trump (falsely) claims Clinton started birther controversy.” And here are others on MSNBC: “Trump says he watched (nonexistent) video of Iran receiving cash.” “Trump: Clinton is in hiding (speaking next hour).” Now it isn't that all these are wrong, but sometimes the situation is a bit more complicated. Trump wasn't arguing that President Obama was literally the founder of ISIS, just that his policies helped fuel it’s growth. It's hard to make those distinctions in five or six words. And the other day Donald Trump called for profiling of terrorists. 


DONALD TRUMP: They profile. They see somebody that's suspicious, they will profile, they will take that person and they'll check out. Do we have a choice? Look what's going on. Do we really have a choice? 


KURTZ: CNN ran this banner:  “Trump says, quote, 'racial profiling’ will stop terror.'”  Trump never said the word “racial.”  We can debate whether or not that would be the net effect, but that chyron was factually inaccurate. If CNN or MSNBC has ever used this approach with Hillary Clinton and her various controversies, well, I must have missed that. 


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