Fox's MacCallum Gives Credibility To Trump's Mexico Visit Stunt By Painting It As Presidential

MacCallum: Trump's Move Will Make “Many People Say That It's Presidential To Go” To Mexico 

From the August 31 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

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MARTHA MACCALLUM (CO-HOST): I understand your perspective on that. In terms of decisiveness and clearly, I think this is a move that will make many people say that it's presidential to go, to open the discussion, to sit down and to start talking with the Mexican president who, as you point out, rightly so is the current sitting Mexican president and I don't know how much credence people will give to the former president and his comments. But in terms of decisiveness he's been criticized about his stance on immigration. Give us some insight into what we're going to hear tonight. It sounds like he has to stick with the wall building. Even if that wall takes a somewhat electronic form or a natural form in some sections of that wall. The area that feels like he is seeing some compromise, apparently, is the 11 million, how you divide them up and where you start with those people. Give us your thoughts on what we're going to hear tonight on that. 


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