Fox's Lisa Kennedy Montgomery: “I Really Don’t Get” The “Fetish” With Trump’s Tax Returns

From the May 12 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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SCOTT BAIO: I'm not interested in anybody's tax returns anymore. I want to fix stuff.

LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY (CO-HOST): I agree with Scott. I honestly don't care. I love transparency, but what is this fetish with tax returns? I really don't get it. Mitt Romney's like “well he might have deducted something that he gave to a criminal organization” because that's what you do. When you itemize all your deductions, you always put the mob in there just to make sure you've got it for safekeeping. And so, I really don't understand that one, but I do agree that Hillary Clinton's speeches to Goldman Sachs could be such a conflict of interest. We could learn so much in there that I really -- and I don't care if everyone else releases their speeches. Go ahead, give us everything.

JULIE ROGINSKY (CO-HOST): So, I would say two things. The big bombshell is, probably, that he's not worth as much money as he claims he's worth, which for Donald Trump, would be like the biggest crime on the planet, the biggest crime on the planet to be not as rich as he claims he is. And the second thing is -- first of all, Richard Nixon was under audit and he released -- if Richard Nixon could release his tax returns, Donald Trump can and he's under audit. And third, how about releasing the part that’s not under audit? Not all of his tax returns are under audit. A year or two may be under audit, release the previous ones. The fact that he doesn't, I think, demonstrates that he doesn't want us to see his real net worth because it's probably not as high as he claims it is.


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