Fox's Howard Kurtz Criticizes Media's Wall-To-Wall Trump Coverage

Howard Kurtz: “I Can't Defend It Journalistically, Even Trump Is Now Joking About How Every Speech He Gives Is Carried Live”

From the September 14 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): Howie, we just saw a remarkable event with Donald Trump speaking to 20,000 people in Dallas, Texas. Governor Scott Walker is coming up in a minute, he spoke to a crowd tonight of 110 people, all right, and that underscores some of the problems that some of these other guys are facing in this race. However, you look at the screen, Fox News had it, CNN had it, Fox Business had it, MSNBC had it, wall-to-wall. We broke away for O'Reilly, but wall-to-wall coverage. It's a huge advantage for him.

HOWARD KURTZ:  And I can't defend it journalistically, even Trump is now joking about how every speech he gives is carried live. And the fact is that the other candidates, in this environment, where it's all Trump all the time - not just on TV, but on newspapers, websites, Twitter, you name it --  many of them are in a position of almost having to attack Trump just to get a little ink or air time. But there's a danger here. If - the creating a moment, as we all talk about in the pre-game chatter - if it feels forced, or artificial, or staged, there can be a backlash. You can't just go out there and insult Donald Trump, you have to wait for a natural moment when you can jab or counter something that he says.


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