Fox's Host: Trump is Pivoting Into The “Alex Jones” Presidency With His Conspiracy Theories

Greg Gutfeld: “Are We About To Achieve A Historical First In Electing The First Conspiracy-Freak President?”

From the May 3 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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JUAN WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): So the anti-Trump forces, the establishment, it looked like they were going to make a stand here. They put money into advertising the last two weeks, Mike Pence, the governor, his reluctant endorsement of Cruz -- again, establishment -- are they gone? Are they defeated now? 

CARL CAMERON (CO-HOST): No. They're not going to give up until the tonight's results and if tonight's results are a blow-out you're going to see a lot of that sort of begin to winnow away, largely because the money won't be there. Super PAC donors, particularly the mega-whale donors, they’re not going to drop 5, 10 million dollars on something that they know is a waste of money. They didn’t get their money because they made bad bets.

WILLIAMS: Now we go in-depth serious. 

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): I think we're missing the biggest story of the day. Imagine if Hillary Clinton claimed that Bernie Sanders had a role in the killing of Bobby Kennedy. We would be going crazy right now. We'd be going wall to wall. But no, have we -- are we about to achieve a historical first in electing the first conspiracy-freak president? Is this the pivot we've been talking about? He's not pivoting for presidential, he's pivoting to Alex Jones. He's pivoting to crazy. And why isn't it news? 


GUTFELD: Come on. It's unusual that somehow it's not news when Trump does it. It's kind of funny. 


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