Fox's Gutfeld: Trump Has “Played The Media Like A Violin”

From the February 12 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): Look, swearing is like those, I always compare them to those dried red pepper flakes you put on a pizza. You have got to use it sparingly. So when you start relying on swearing too much, then it loses its meaning and I think he saw the light which was that focus group by Bloomberg, which everybody was aghast every time he swore. He should travel with a swear jar. I think that would be a very fun little thing for him to do. As for this ad, I'm not so sure the ad exists. I saw a little flash of it. But this is brilliant. We're still talking about the ad. We led the “A block” with an ad that we don't even see or we're not even sure exists. So again, he's played the media like a violin. Because we're all talking about it. As for the Cruz ad, he is right about hospitals and pipelines. But that's still not a casino parking lot. That's a private thing. The casino parking lot is a private thing. Pipelines for the country, eminent domain is important for urgent matters.


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