Fox's Greg Gutfeld Lashes Out At Defenders Of Trump's “Crass” Behavior

Gutfeld: “We're Not Even Allowed To Use The Word That He Said, But Somehow We're Going To Have Him On Our Network All The Time”

From the December 22 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): I just wanted to hear you defend this. Because I've heard people defend him about making fun of a disability, making fun of John McCain, making fun of women, a woman's face, I wanted to hear somebody defend this as well. Because it never ends. No one will ever stop defending the crass stuff he says. By the way, I haven't used that word since I was seven years old. I don't understand this. And I also, I don't understand the comment about the bathroom. And I'm sick of hearing people defend this stuff. By the way, we're not even allowed to use the word that he said, but somehow we're going to have him on our network all the time. Meanwhile, we treat our employees far differently than that. 


ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): And your thoughts on this Juan, weigh in on this one? Remember, look, Greg doesn't like the fact that it happened, the way it went down, but it --

GUTFELD: No, no, no, no. 

BOLLING: Well, no, no.

GUTFELD: I don't have a problem with what he says. I don't have a problem with what he says. I have a problem with people here defending it. That's my problem. 


GUTFELD: Well, I think what happens is when are you surrounded by toadies that cheer you on, you're like a comedian, and you like the laughter. So I don't  --  he's very impulsive. Instead of thinking about what he says, he's impulsive and it makes you wonder, do you want an impulsive leader, or do you want a leader that thinks? I want somebody who can beat Hillary. I don't think an impulsive leader is going to beat Hillary. 


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