Fox's Eric Bolling Pleads For Donald Trump To “Make A Deal” And Come To Fox News Debate

Bolling: “I'm Sure There Are People Around Who Would Be Willing To Entertain A Deal ”

From the January 27 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): Donald if you're listening, hopefully he's listening. You are a deal maker, make a deal. Make a last-minute deal. This is what you prided your whole campaign on. You have the most successful business book, “Art Of The Deal.” Make a deal. I'm sure there are people around who would be willing to entertain a deal. Make a deal. I would be good for everybody.

DANA PERINO (CO-HOST): Like what would you deal?

BOLLING: I don't know. Figure it out. That's why he is running for president. I'm just opining here.

JUAN WILLIAMS (CO-HOST) You know what? Fox News shouldn't make a deal on this. If you let politicians start telling us what to do, then democracy is in trouble.

BOLLING: You have to make a good deal for Fox too. You don't make a deal that's just good for Donald Trump.

WILLIAMS: No deal is good on journalistic principle.

BOLLING: Do you know what a good deal would be? For the American people to get another look at Donald Trump right before they make some decisions in Iowa and New Hampshire and then down the road.


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