Fox's Eric Bolling blames Obama for Donald Trump Jr. controversy: He “never stopped any of this from happening”

Bolling: “Donald Trump Jr. broke no laws”

From the July 11 edition of Fox News' The Specialists:

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ERIC BOLLING [HOST]: I said yesterday it's an insult to nothing burgers and I’ll double down on that. Knowing what we know today, going even further, knowing that we know so much more. Trump derangement syndrome out in force today all day long. Donald Trump, Jr. broke no laws, likely broke no ethics, election ethics rules. If you have a problem with what Russia is doing with regards to our elections, then you have a problem with what Barack Obama did to stop them from doing it. He apparently never stopped any of this from happening. Very quickly, take a look at what I think is the epitome of Trump derangement syndrome happening today. Look at this full screen at CNN Money put out: “Trump, Jr. Emails Trigger Knee-Jerk Drop in Stock Market.” If that isn't the dumbest headline, and the dumbest substance for a story, I don't know what is. Matt Egan, you should have your journalism card pulled for that stupid headline. It makes no sense.


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