Fox's Chris Wallace: Trump Has “Easier Challenge” At Debate Because “It's About How He Acts” As Opposed To What Clinton Has “Done”

From the September 25 edition of Fox Broadcasting Co.'s Fox News Sunday:

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CHRIS WALLACE (HOST): I want to start with a fascinating poll from The Wall Street Journal this week. Let's put it up on the screen. People were asked their top concerns about the two candidates. About Trump, 33 percent said “not the right temperament for commander-in-chief.” I talked about this with Mike Pence. 27 percent said his language about women, immigrants, and Muslims. For Clinton, 36 percent said her dealings with Syria, Iraq, and Libya. 29 percent, her private email server. Gerry, when I saw that, my reaction was, well Trump's got an easier challenge because it's about how he acts. And with Clinton, it's about what she's done. And then Trump went ahead and played the Gennifer Flowers card.

GERALD SEIB: Well OK, there you have it. You have actions versus attributes. Some actions that trouble people, some attributes that trouble people. I don't know – I think by the way, those questions frame pretty well the debate that we're going to see on Monday night. Because those are the attack points, I think, for both sides. But I don't know which two people think are easier to swallow, actions, which might have been mistakes, or attributes, which might never change. It's very difficult to know for sure. But I do think that in a sense, Hillary Clinton has a problem in that the e-mail debate is not going away. I think Donald Trump, as you just suggested, has a problem because people think the temperament maybe isn't changing contrary to what was said earlier this summer. 


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