Fox's Chris Wallace Lets Mike Pence Dubiously Claim Stop And Frisk “Saves Lives” And “Worked In New York City”

From the September 25 edition of Fox Broadcasting Co.'s Fox News Sunday:

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CHRIS WALLACE (HOST): But governor, in New York where Trump says it was such a success, 80 percent of those stops, four in five, were stops of either African-Americans or Hispanics, and as a result, a federal judge ruled that the stop-and-frisk policy was unconstitutional.

MIKE PENCE: Well, I know there was one court decision in that regard, but stop and frisk literally saved lives in New York City when it was implemented. It's been implemented in cities around the country, and it's on a sound constitutional footing. This gives law enforcement officers the opportunity, with probable cause, to be able to stop and question individuals that they think may be involved or are about to be involved in criminal activity. And Donald Trump specifically was talking about the crisis of criminality and murder in Chicago. My parents were both born and raised in Chicago. My grandfather came from Chicago when he immigrated to this country. It is a great and wonderful city, but to see the avalanche of violence in that city -- Donald Trump is the kind of leader that's going to say, let's take a policy that worked in New York City, that reduced violent crime in New York City in stop and frisk, and bring it to Chicago, Illinois. That's just the kind of leadership he's going to continue to provide. He's a man that you will find is impatient with failure and impatient with excuses from politicians.

WALLACE: Governor, I want to ask you about another form of his --

PENCE: Chicago can be safe, but it's going to take --

WALLACE: If I can, sir, I want to ask you about another form of Donald Trump's leadership in the wake of the New York bombing.


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