Fox's Chris Wallace Dismisses Trump Campaign Chairman's Claim That The GOP Is Unified

Wallace: “The [Republican] Party Is Not United”

From the August 5 edition of Fox New's America's Newsroom:

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PAUL MANAFORT: The Republican Party is united. Do we agree on everything? No. Mr. Trump is an outsider, he hasn't been a part of the political system, so his relationships with the leadership of the party are not as deep and long as traditionally would be with the Republican nominee. But that's not to say he doesn't have good relations. We're working very strongly with Reince Priebus and the RNC and with the Republican leadership in the House and the Senate. I think you'll see a coming together of both Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump in the course of this campaign because they all agree on one thing: we need a Republican president and a Republican Congress. And then we'll make the changes that America needs.


BILL HEMMER (CO-HOST): That from 30 minutes ago. Chris Wallace now live, anchor of Fox News Sunday. How you doing Chris? And good morning to you. You heard [Paul] Manafort. What did you take from it?

CHRIS WALLACE: Well, he's doing what campaign chairmen do, which is putting the best face on things. The party is not united. There are a number of top Republicans who are, certainly, one have not endorsed Trump. And at least one congressman, Congressman [Mike] Coffman [(R-CO)] who is actually running an ad, a Republican congressman separating himself from Trump, basically criticizing Trump, so this is not the usual situation post-convention. And these polls, not just the national polls, but also the individual swing state polls in Michigan and Florida and Pennsylvania. Very, very bleak for the Trump campaign.

HEMMER: What he suggested is this is the low point. And after all, it's August. And what he would stress is that the campaign doesn't really kick off until September. Maybe he's right or not. But in the last question I said how would you rate this past week? He said “improving.” Is it?

WALLACE: Well, I suppose it's improving if you consider that he's no longer in a fight with a Gold Star family, but no, these are bad numbers, and it isn't early in the campaign. We're post-convention, to a certain degree the campaign is going to kind of freeze in place for the next couple of weeks while people watch the Olympics and do something sensible instead of focusing on politics. And the next big event won't be until late September when you have the first presidential debate.


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