Fox's Charles Payne: Trump's Plan To Mass Deport Immigrant Families “Might Be The Only Solution”

Payne: “He's Talked About Maybe Curing This Situation By Just Sending The Whole Family Back, So That We Don't Have These Things”

From the March 10 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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CHARLES PAYNE (HOST): Sheriff, what do you make of the part in the debate where one of the reporters with the walking through the crowd interviewed the woman in Spanish, apparently her husband was deported three years ago and the family is suffering. The father is away, the kids and the mom are here, you know, those sort of thing obviously designed to play on the heart strings --


PAYNE: But what do you make of that? 

BABEU: Well, again, we are the most compassionate nation in the world, and we have a proud history as a nation of immigrants, and we see that as our strength. And this whole message to try to pull at heart strings, like we're somehow, as Obama has said, we're breaking families apart, what about the millions of legals that come here, following our process to become citizens, and the fact that we now have 12 to 20 million illegals? And now, as Hillary Clinton said in this debate, that she is not only going to not deport any of them, she wants them all on a path to citizenship. She has gone a step further than President Obama in his plan, which he never communicated messages like this, that he actually wants them to have citizenship. We have known that, but now Hillary Clinton is announcing it to the world, that that's exactly what she wants. 

PAYNE: Well, I know that you prefer Donald Trump for president, and you know he's talked about maybe curing this situation by just sending the whole family back, so that we don't have these things. And for a lot of people, maybe it sounds cold-hearted, but if you see this woman and her child, and they don't have the dad there, this might be the only solution, because they have broken the law. 


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