Fox's Charles Krauthammer Criticizes Donald Trump’s Child Care Plan

From the September 13 edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier

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CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, Trump, himself, is the one who brings up the deficit and the debt all the time as a sign of our decline, a sign of having government out of control and having incompetence in government. Look, I think this raises the question of how many Democratic Parties does the country need? We already have one. And I thought during the primary season, the argument for Trump was he was a guy who would stand up to the Washington Republican sold-out establishment that refused to stand up to Barack Obama on higher spending, refused to stand up to him on entitlements, refused to stand up to him on executive actions, and therefore, we needed an outsider, a disrupter, named Donald Trump, who would not do this. What he is proposing is to out-Democrat the Democrats. This is an enormous new entitlement. It will blow the debt and when he says the mandate, he's going to mandate from Washington -- isn't that the one thing that Republicans all agree upon of the government stepping in and telling private industry what to do? He says that will be paid for by taking out waste, fraud and abuse from the unemployment insurance system. If you believe that, you will believe anything. 


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