Fox's Cavuto: Blaming Trump For Bad Press Is “Blaming The Victim”

Neil Cavuto: “You're Blaming The Victim Of The Bad Press, For Bad Press”

From the October 27 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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ELIZABETH HARRINGTON: I think throughout this, we've seen the media propping up Donald Trump, giving him a lot of free time, and then all of the sudden when he's the nominee, you see this barrage of attacks, and it's -- you see very clearly.

NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): Do you think that was deliberate?

HARRINGTON: I mean, look at the New York Times story that they did, an 8 month investigation on Trump's treatment of women, and they said “Oh, he's crossing the line.” They didn't have a single source in there that said he touched them inappropriately or anything like that, and then suddenly, three weeks before the campaign, then they're running all these stories about all these accusers coming out of the woodwork. I mean, the timing is very -- I mean, coincidental to say the least, and I think it reflects on this bias --

NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): No, I think you're right, Jillian -- they didn't seem to care who dumped these tax records of Donald Trump's, but certainly care about -- about vetting anything else having to do with emails, you know? It just seems weird.


CAVUTO: The proof is in the final published pudding. Right? And, you know, maybe for some reason, go after Trump. I'm not dismissing that, I'm not saying don't. I'm saying just show a fraction of the interest.

JILLIAN MELCHIOR: He could have prevented a lot of this, though, by just being a little bit wiser about what he says.

CAVUTO: If you said that about a woman accusing a man of untoward stuff -- and you're kind of blaming the victim there.

MELCHIOR: No, I think he has habitually been unwise --

CAVUTO: You're blaming the victim of the bad press, for bad press.

MELCHIOR: I don't think he's a victim, I think he's been in many cases a beneficiary. He owes his celebrity to the media, in many cases the left-leaning media.

CAVUTO: That, my friend, is blaming the victim.


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