Fox's Cavuto Blames Hillary Clinton For Donald Trump's Low Debate Expectations

Neil Cavuto: All He Has To Do Is “Show Up, Breathe And Smile And He's Won”

From the September 20th edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto

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NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): But I'm wondering if she has built up Trump to be such a monster that all he does is have to show up, breathe and smile and he's won. 

JESSICA TARLOV:  Yeah. I mean, I think that this is an issue that Democrats are definitely worried about. You know, the bar has been set so low and I don't know what that says about Republicans that they're happy to have a candidate with a low bar, saying fantastic, he just showed up and kept breathing and he should win but I think that this will be a struggle for Hillary Clinton. 


CAVUTO: Sometimes I think you can just get ahead, Patrice, and get on the stage and not make a fool of himself not disparaging of any candidate. Ronald Reagan did that with Jimmy Carter in 1980. That was only days before the election, that turned the polls around in a big way. There are other factors, of course. John Kennedy just had to prove that, young as he was, he could just share the stage with an incumbent Vice President of the United States and that did the trick. What does Donald Trump have to do? 


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