Fox's Brit Hume More Concerned With Traffic Created By Protests Than People Being Detained

Hume: Protests “Clogged The Streets And Roads So Badly That I Think More People Were Inconvenienced By The Demonstrations Than Were Inconvenienced By His Order”

From the January 30 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY (HOST): Real quick, I thought there was a lot of media hysteria over the Trump executive order on the refugees. Roll the tape.


O'REILLY: Okay, so on and on and on and on. Did you see it that way, that it's a little hysterical in the media?

BRIT HUME: I thought it was quite hysterical. When you boil it down, as it turned out yesterday, it seems, in Los Angeles in particular, where the demonstration against what Trump had done clogged the streets and roads so badly that I think more people were inconvenienced by the demonstrations than were inconvenienced by his order.

Now, it is manifestly true, as you and Charles discussed, that this thing was executed and rolled out very clumsily and it caused some needless delays and headaches, but the underlying policy is not unreasonable.

Even if you disagree with it, it is a temporary measure designed in the president's mind to provide an opportunity to strengthen the vetting that goes on, and then it is supposedly going to be lifted.

Now, people say it won't be, that remains to be seen, but for the near term, a lot of what is being said about this is -- as those two sound bites suggest, basically hysterical.

O'REILLY: Yep, it is.


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