Fox's Brit Hume Criticizes Trump's Attempt To Unskew A “Rigged” Poll

Brit Hume: “Your Viewers Shouldn't Pay Much Attention” To Trump Supporters Saying Polls Are “Rigged”

From the June 27 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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MARTHA MACCALLUM (CO-HOST): So these are national polls, how much stock do you put in this sort of measure of the race at this point?

BRIT HUME: Well, I think it's worth noting the wide disparity between the results that The Wall Street Journal got from the ones that ABC News and The Washington Post got, and what I would suggest, Martha, is that it's better to look at the polling average which gives Hillary Clinton about a six or seven point lead, which I think is probably about right. Perhaps even more important, however, is that not a single poll that I've seen going back more than a month, has shown Donald Trump ahead. There were a couple back in May, about mid-May, in which he was ahead by a couple of points, but nothing since then, which shows that he has not been gaining ground over the past month, or six weeks and she has at least to some extent. And I think that reflects, you know, you see the awareness of that in the Trump campaign reflected in the personnel changes, the set-piece speeches and so on in which I think he's trying to change the trajectory, which seems to need changing. 

MACCALLUM: Yeah. Let's put up a tweet that he sent out, and he also noticed, of course, the disparity in the The Washington Post poll and the NBC poll. He says this is a dirty poll done by ABC/Washington Post. It is disgrace. Even they admit that there were many more Democrats that were polled. Other polls were good. And then, Brit, as you say you're looking more at sort of the overall Real Clear Politics average as a better benchmark right now. 

HUME: Well, Trump and his supporters tend to believe all the polls that show him ahead. They certainly liked them all during the primary season when he was leading, and he couldn't stop talking about them. Now the polls are adverse to him, and that one in particular he doesn't like. And I'm sure his supporters, the ones I hear from anyway say that the poll is rigged, and all the rest of it. I don't think your viewers should pay too much attention to that. Look at the polling averages. Look at all the polls put together, to see what you get. And I think the picture's pretty clear. He's trailing, but not insurmountably. 


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