Fox’s Brit Hume And Two White Panelists Decide Birtherism Isn’t Racist 

Stephen Dinan: “It’s Not Racist To Question Where The President Was Born”

From the September 16 edition of Fox News' On The Record with Brit Hume:

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BRIT HUME (HOST): By that definition, is birtherism racism? Stephen?

STEPHEN DINAN: Look, birtherism -- another -ism – it’s certainly ignorant. There are probably racists who are birthers. But, you know, birtherism itself -- it’s not racist to question where the president was born. As I said, it may be dumb, it may be ignorant, but it's not the strict definition of racism. Either way though, at this point though, with Donald Trump, who as Carl [Cameron] said did drive this issue -- and it’s not just Donald Trump, it’s some of his top supporters.


HEIDI PRYZBYLA: I agree with the basic premise that it doesn't meet a textbook definition, but let’s put this in proper context. Because it wasn't just questioning whether he was born in this country, it was, in Donald Trump's words, maybe he’s Muslim, OK? And so the context of that is you have here the potential --

HUME: Yeah, but he could be a Muslim wherever he is born.

PRYZBYLA: In the post 9/11 environment you have -- here you have the nation's first dark-skinned president and what, to Lynn's point, to the people who are experiencing it, this is -- this feels like an effort to essentially delegitimize him.


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