Fox's Bolling: “I Don't Know If It Matters” If Trump Was Right Or Wrong About Blaming Terrorism For EgyptAir Crash

Eric Bolling: “I Don't Know If It Matters If It Ends Up Being Terror Or Not”

From the May 20 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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ERIC BOLLING (GUEST HOST): So, Hillary Clinton has said she is like Barack Obama. She basically wants to run as a third term of Barack Obama on many issues. So, if she does that and then you have that juxtaposition of Barack Obama's being weak on terror, he can't even say Islamic terrorism, and Donald Trump coming out, right out of the box saying this is a terror attack, ISIS, we're coming after you, it's got to stop. I think that really does define the difference between the two candidates, Hillary and Donald.

DAVID TAFURI: Look, Hillary Clinton has four years of experience as Secretary of State. Donald Trump is woefully unprepared to be Commander in Chief. I say that not just because he hasn't studied foreign policy issues, he doesn't care about foreign policy issues, and he hasn't put people around him who know foreign policy issues, though all of those things are true. I say that because the shockingly ignorant things he has said about foreign policy. Yesterday is a prime example. He said that this tragedy, the Egypt Air tragedy, was terrorism. But there are no facts yet to suggest it was terrorism. If you can't properly identify terror --


BOLLING: I'm not sure that it matters whether it's terrorism, or not David. I don't know if it matters if it ends up being terror or not, what matters or what's resonating among the Americans, we show the poll 52 percent to 40 percent they believe Donald Trump would be tougher on terror, was resonating is that he is perceived to be tough on terror, Islamic terrorism.


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