Fox's Bolling Gushes Over Trump Family: “When The Kids Talk, It's Just, It's Amazing”

Eric Bolling: “You Got To At Least Say Hats Off To The Guy Who Can Raise Kids Like That”

From the July 18 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: Greg, I know her for many years. I've met her before. She's very warm, and I think the more people get know her and have an experience with her, and get the exposure, they're going to really like her. And, I think that's an asset for him. 

GREG GUTFELD: Yeah, I mean, I met her once. She seemed like a very pleasant woman. And I do like the fact that she gets upset with Donald about certain things and tells him -- I think there was something she was upset about with --

GUILFOYLE: Tweeting. 

GUTFELD: Tweeting. She was trying to -- It's just like my wife, she's like “get off the Twitter for gosh sakes, talk to real people.” But, it's interesting, how this convention -- It's going to be like The Osmonds. Remember that TV show in the '70s? Except it's Osmonds with politicians. The entire Trump family. We will see them every single night. It will be like Donny and Marie, and Wayne, and everybody. Maybe they'll do a dance number. 

ERIC BOLLING: I think that's a good thing. In this sense --

GUILFOYLE: Very likable family. 

BOLLING: You watch Donald when Melania's talking, when they're doing an interview together, and he really pays attention to her. It's not like he's worried about what she's going to say. He loves her, you can see, he loves her. When the kids talk, it's just, it's amazing. And then they talk so highly of their father -- I know it's their father, and I know it's a family. But, you got to at least say hats off to the guy who can raise kids like that who love him the way they do, and a wife that respects and enjoys him and shares everything with him, and he respects her back. It seems like a great relationship all the way around.


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