Fox's Bolling Defends Donald Trump Rally Salute, By Arguing “Erin Andrews Is Also A Nazi” For Raising Right Hand In Courtroom

Eric Bolling: “Erin Andrews Is Therefore Also A Nazi, Because She Had To Raise Her Right Hand When She Swore Into Her Big Lawsuit”

From the March 8 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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JUAN WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): You know, I think that people think that when you don't say something about the birther argument, which came from Trump, when you don't say something about condemning the man in very negative tones as a Muslim, he's lying to us, he is not a Christian. And then you say, well, you know what in the talk radio world, we'll just say this, because it is just Obama, we'll demonize him. Then when Trump springs up and becomes your leading Republican candidate, I think other Republicans do have some responsibility.

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): OK, but see, your point that you're making, you didn't have to use the metaphor of radical Islam. Your point is actually -- yeah, you could say that, the rhetoric from cable news and from the rhetoric from talk radio could have contributed to the creation of Trump --


GUTFELD: -- Makes sense, maybe. But comparing it to radical Islam, the rise of Islam, that's where you lose me.

JUAN WILLIAMS: Well, this is where you lose people on the Hitler analogy, right?


WILLIAMS: That Hitler killed thousands of people and the Islamists are killing thousands of people. I don't see Donald Trump doing that. Now, we have an immediate --

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE (CO-HOST): Whoa! Thank god. A moment of reason and sanity. Thank god, holding my breath.

WILLIAMS: But we have a controversy on the table, right now. I think there are lots in the Jewish community who did not like Trump raising his hand, and having everybody else in the audience raise their hand. And they -- I'm just saying, I read this in the forward emails, where they compare it to a, you know, a kind of Hitler salute.

ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): You know by the way, Erin Andrews is therefore also a Nazi, because she had to raise her right hand when she swore into her big lawsuit.


BOLLING: Is she a Nazi for doing that?


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