On Fox, Trump Accuses CNN Of Bowing To Democratic Demands To Take It Easy During The Debate

Donald Trump: It's “Very Possible” Democratic Party Dictated Debate Terms To CNN

From the October 14 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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DONALD TRUMP: Nobody went after [Hillary Clinton] last night. And I think, frankly, that maybe CNN -- they could have been told not to do it.


TRUMP: But when we were debating they were asking well, Mr. Trump, well, but there was much different kind of a debate. They were saying, 'Mr. Trump so and so said this, how do you respond?' And I'm talking about somebody to my right or to my left. And it was really like they wanted to pit one against the other.


O'REILLY: So are you saying now that CNN was in the tank? That they made an editorial decision to be easier on Democrats than on Republicans? Is that what you're saying tonight?

TRUMP: Well maybe the Democrats, headed by whoever might be heading it, they said 'This is the way we want it and we insist on doing it this way.'  I mean, frankly what they did to Republicans was --

O'REILLY: You think the Democrats told CNN what they were going to do? That's a pretty tough charge. 

TRUMP: I think that's very possible. 

O'REILLY: Really?

TRUMP: No, I don't see anything wrong with it even. Look, the way they spoke with us was pitting one into the other. Everything was like, 'This one said that, how do you respond Mr. Trump?' 

O'REILLY: But there was more to work with there, though. There was more -- you guys had been back and forth. So let's be fair about it. But your accusation -- I don't know, maybe that's a strong word -- that Democratic party dictated terms of the debate to CNN, that's a pretty strong accusation.

TRUMP: It was a much different debate charge, if you look at what happened with us and if you look at what happened. And by the way, I thought Anderson Cooper did an excellent job. But it that case they were asking questions, they were giving answers. In our case it was like a reality show, ok, if you want to know the truth. And that's what happened. And frankly, I liked it, I enjoyed it, but it was a very different way of doing a debate.


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