Fox Sets Low Bar For Debate: If Trump “Plays To A Draw, That's Basically A Win For Him”  

Roberts: “The Goal For Donald Trump Not To Commit Any Great Big Errors”  

From the September 26 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

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JOHN ROBERTS: Donald Trump can capitalize on the momentum and gain even further on Hillary Clinton and stretch out his lead in some of these battle ground states. Hillary Clinton could knock him back on his heels and blunt that momentum. The goal for Donald Trump not to commit any great big errors. Basically to put in a performance that shows him as a leader, not particularly heavy on detail. And it's all about expectations as well. The Donald Trump campaign has been lowering expectations for him, raising them for Hillary Clinton saying that she's got a bar much higher than his that she has to leap over. If he plays to a draw that's basically a win for him. 


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