Fox regular claims the women who accused Trump of sexual assault aren't credible

Bernard McGuirk: And “the Access Hollywood tape, by the way, that was just locker room talk”

From the November 17 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): So why is the president silent at this point, do you think, Rachel? 


FAULKNER: Why do you think the president hasn't spoken up, as such? The White House has an official response to all of this. When we know the facts, then it would be, you know, disqualifying. He should step aside, Roy Moore, if the facts point to him having done all of this. Although Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he hasn't seen any evidence -- any reason not to believe these accusers. 

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Look, the president weighed in on [Sen.] Al Franken [(D-MN)] today. I don't think the president is the best person -- he's not the greatest messenger -- 

MARIE HARF (CO-HOST): Because he's repeatedly been accused of doing worse with women. 

CAMPOS-DUFFY: He has also -- he has also been accused, although --

BERNARD MCGUIRK: Not credibly. 

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Not credibly, but he has been accused.

HARF: You don't believe these women? 

MCGUIRK: Not the ones that -- the ones in The New York Times, no.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: When the ones from The New York Times came out -- the ones from The New York Times came out and said that they actually --

HARF: No, no, no, let me get in here. It is convenient that you believe every woman who accuses a Democrat, and then suddenly -- 

MCGUIRK: No, I believe the Roy Moore women. 

HARF: Please let me finish my sentence. Please. 

MCGUIRK: No, you made it -- misstated a fact. I believe the Roy Moore woman. 

HARF: You do? 


HARF: All of them?

MCGUIRK: I believe -- maybe not the fifth one, the Gloria Allred one. But the other ones, I think, are credible. 

HARF: How to we -- we either believe women that come forward -- they don't get anything out of this. They get pilloried.

MCGUIRK: Do you believe Juanita Broaddrick? 

HARF: You know what? I --

MCGUIRK: Do you believe Juanita Broaddrick?

HARF: I think we should believe these woman. Yes.

MCGUIRK: Yes you do? OK. And you worked for a woman who smeared her after her husband -- 

HARF: Who did I -- I didn't work for Hillary Clinton. 

MCGUIRK: Didn't you work in the State Department under Hillary Clinton? 

HARF: Under John Kerry. 

MCGUIRK: Oh, OK, my mistake. 

HARF: It's OK.

MCGUIRK: So Hillary Clinton smeared the woman, Juanita Broaddrick, who you supported -- 

HARF: I can't -- again, we need to believe women, and we need to hold men accountable. And we need --

MCGUIRK: Yes. That's right. 

HARF: And so that needs to go for President Trump, who has been credibly accused by over a dozen women. It needs to start at the top.

MCGUIRK: Not credibly. No.

HARF: Why not credibly? 

MCGUIRK: No. No. The Access Hollywood tape, by the way, that was just locker room talk. They other women, they were not -- they've been debunked.

HARF: No, no, no. Your double standards are stunning. 


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