Fox Only Cable News Network That Ignored Trump Supporters’ Racist Attacks On Hispanic Journalist

Fox News was the only cable news network not to cover a revealing story by senior political writer Henry Gomez of about the influx of racist “vitriol” he has received from his readers, most of which he said “parrot[ed] a lot of Donald Trump’s greatest hits,” referring to the Republican presidential nominee’s inflammatory rhetoric against Latinos.

Gomez’s September 12 piece outlined the “racist, hateful messages” that Trump supporters have been sending him for months, telling him, as he noted in an interview, to “go back” to Mexico -- even though he was born in Youngstown, OH -- and claiming that he has a conflict of interest as a journalist because of his Mexican heritage.

Both CNN and MSNBC gave Gomez airtime to discuss his perspective as a Latino journalist covering Trump, yet Fox News ignored the story.

From the September 13 edition of CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin:

While Latino journalists continue to stress the point that Trump’s rhetoric has put Latinos across the country at risk of vicious attacks and even violence, right-wing media consistently go to Trump’s defense and downplay the damaging impact his racist fearmongering has had on the Latino community.

Methodology: Media Matters searched SnapStream for interviews with Henry Gomez between September 12, 2016, when the story was first reported, and September 13, 2016, on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC using the terms: “henry gomez” or “”