Fox News Notes James O'Keefe's Criminal Past After His Newest Video Is Released

Jennifer Griffin: “O'Keefe Was Charged And Convicted For Tampering Phone Lines At Former Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu's Office”

From the October 18 edition of Fox News’ On The Record with Brit Hume:

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JENNIFER GRIFFIN: But now the controversial undercover conservative group Project Veritas, has released video that it claims shows Democratic operatives conspiring to incite violence at Trump events. 


GRIFFIN: Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe has been convicted and forced to pay a $100,000 fine in the past. He was caught doctoring videos and Twitter recently blocked him from his own account, preventing him from using the social media platform. The group claims this spliced video shows Democratic operatives feeding the narrative that Trump fans are dangerous and violent. The video shows Foval claiming that he is directly coordinating with the Clinton campaign and DNC. But it is edited in such a way that it is no longer clear whether he is referring to the alleged bird-dogging.


GRIFFIN: In a separate case O'Keefe was charged and convicted for tampering phone lines at former Louisiana senator Mary Landrieu's office. Fox reached out to all parties mentioned in the video for a statement. 

A senior DNC official told me tonight that they never had a formal relationship for Americans United for Change. That same official Britt told me, that “remember, James O’Keefe is a felon.”


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