Fox News' Media Critic Says It’s “Not The Job” Of Debate Moderators Or Journalists To Fact-Check Donald Trump 

Howard Kurtz: “A Lot Of People In Our Business … Now Feel It’s Okay, It’s Even Our Duty To Tilt One Way In This Campaign”

From the September 19 edition of Fox News’ On the Record With Brit Hume:

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HOWARD KURTZ: Donald Trump made this argument to me last week. “Oh all the moderators are going to be unfair they are going to be unfair because they fear a [Matt] Lauer like criticism from their buddies in the media” but the thing is, Brit, that unlike in a Sunday morning interview when it is the job of the interviewer to follow up, to call out. 


In a general election debate where the two candidates are supposed to go after each other you don't want to be as a moderator debating the candidate yourself. And a lot of this is driven by the media assumption that Trump is going to get up there and lie. Hillary may shave the truth but Trump is really the liar here. And the moderators need to step out of their role and to expose him. Well that's not the job of the moderator and that's not the job of journalists to expose the candidate. We should be aggressive towards both sides. A lot of people in our business I have never seen this before in a campaign now feel like it's okay, it's even our duty to tilt one way in this campaign.


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