Fox News lawyer falsely claims that it wouldn't be illegal for the Trump campaign to collude with Russia

Gregg Jarrett: “There is no criminal statute that makes it against the law to collude in a political campaign,” only “in price-fixing and anti-competitive, antitrust behavior”

From the July 10 edition of Fox News' Happening Now:

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JULIE BANDERAS (HOST): This woman that they met with apparently knew the Trumps and, in fact, the acquaintance was met through the Miss Universe pageant, and apparently Donald Trump, Jr., and, in fact, President Trump, both had some sort of information on her. But it was unknown to the president that - according to his lawyers - that this meeting ever happened. The question is, is it evidence of collusion with the Russians because you know a lot of people are going to, of course, jump all over that. 

GREGG JARRETT: Yeah, I mean, obviously it depends on what's said but let's not forget that there is no criminal statute that makes it against the law to collude in a political campaign. Collusion is sort of an incriminating word only because it's a crime in price-fixing and anti-competitive antitrust behavior. That's the only crime of collusion. Maybe it should be a crime, and after all of this, perhaps Congress will pass a law saying you can't coordinate or act in concert with a foreign government or somebody connected with it. But so far, collusion ain't a crime. 


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