Fox News host praises Trump for live-tweeting Fox News, says the network is a “conduit to the American people” 

From the February 4 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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GREG GUTFELD: There's something about your point, okay. It shows you how twisted into a pretzel the anti-Trump faction and their media enablers have become. They absolutely hate what Donald Trump is doing without actually figuring out what he's doing. But now condemn him for not doing enough of it. Shouldn't they be happy he's not working? 

JESSE WATTERS: You could say about Barack Obama, I like him on the golf course. He's not messing things up. 

GUTFELD: About the unstructured time -- this does shows how little they understand his skill set. We all knew this skill set is not a political skill set. He's a different person, almost entirely rooted, the skill set, in pursuing relationships, relentless persuasion and messaging. So he's watching TV. I said this before. TV, Fox News -- it's his conduit to the American people, the way he sees the American people, his voters. So he looks and he sees what's going and he tweets. This is most of his day, and yet you see things happening with the military which are positive. North Korea, trade, NATO, jobs -- do more of it. Have more executive time I say. 


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