Fox News Guest Criticizes FL Prosecutor For Bringing Charges Against Trump Campaign Manager

Keith Sullivan: “This Is Just Such A Sophomoric, Ridiculous Prosecution”

From the March 30 edition of Fox News' The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson:

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GRETCHEN CARLSON (HOST): Imagine that you are representing Corey Lewandowski in this. What do you do?

KEITH SULLIVAN:  First thing I'd say to the prosecutor: “Give me a break. Get a life.” This is an actual joke of a prosecution. How is that for deep legal analysis? I mean really. This is just such a sophomoric, ridiculous prosecution.


SULLIVAN: Artie's [Arthur Aidala] going to lay it out. Under the letter of the law, technically did he violate it? Yes. But please, he had the ability to exercise prosecutorial discretion, and he lacked the courage to do so. What she stated happened doesn't match up with the video that we know of. And she was in, you have to look at things in the context, right? I come into Fox today, Artie gives me a big man bear hug. He's touched me. Does that mean I'm going to sue him? Does that mean I'm going to call the police? I tapped him here. It's the context of the political atmosphere. Everyone is jostling. They're running down, and she is in an area where they've asked her not to be.


CARLSON: Are they prosecuting it because we're talking about Donald Trump and he's running for president?

SULLIVAN: That's the only reason we're prosecuting this. And you know what? The people of that area, Jupiter, Stuart, Florida, they deserve better than this. That prosecutor should have used discretion. It's disgraceful. As far as bruising, she reports it three days later. We don't know -- and Artie's right about the inertia. You don't see him grab her, but you do, it's clear her body is pulled back. Common sense dictates it happened.

ARTHUR AIDALA: You're in the complaint room and a police officer comes in and says, look, there's a woman here who says this individual grabbed her. She's got a bruise on her arm and she wants to file charges. You're going to write that case up. I mean you're going to write it up.


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